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EnterpriseView Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
EnterpriseView - Telecom expense management (TEM) tool

In most organizations, telecom expenses ranks in the top five operating expenses. This includes wireline, data, internet, conferencing/collaboration, mobile and messaging platforms.

A robust web-based telecom expense management (TEM) tool can reduce telecom expenses by as much as 40% annually! The key to successful telecom management of expenses is a real-time tool which is visible to multiple departments (including finance, and IT). WCS's ENTERPRISEView™ provides a single point of contact to manage and control all telecom services and control expenses.

ENTERPRISEView™ provides easy-to-use, comprehensive telecom expense control, resulting in significant savings and improved profitability. Dashboard presentation and high-level TEM reporting tools help provide a clear picture of your complete telecom inventory including services, carriers, rates, contract end dates, and much more.

Our web-based telecom expense management software allows “real-time” invoice processing, inventory managing, expense reporting, and cost analysis for multiple users to access. ENTERPRISEView™ also allows you to limit the level of access by the user's role in the company. This makes the telecom expense management software diverse for complex companies that only allow certain views to various departments. ENTERPRISEView™ tracks all your wireless & wireline services and equipment by user, location, department and cost center.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Web-based dashboard of all telecom products including wireless
  • 100% customizable to each client workflow
  • 3 different service levels of telecom life cycle management
  • 75 standard trending and exception reports
  • Fully integrated with WCS-billed services: All WCS-billed services are automatically integrated into the portal
  • Proprietary platform (API available)
  • Self or fully-managed options
  • Price quoted in real-time on the web

Email Alert

Our TEM offers a completely customizable automatic email alert feature. This provides efficient monitoring and managing in all related areas to telecom and wireless. Some examples for email alerts would be:

  • Expiring contracts
  • New invoice loaded
  • High wireless user(s)
  • Email alert for a validated invoice ready to pay
  • Order tracking
  • Discrepancy reminder
  • Credits expected

Request Manager

Since WCS has over 80+ carrier relationships, a user can request for a quote, turn a quote into an order, and manage orders in real-time without wondering what the status is. Companies can also monitor and manage repair tickets by viewing real-time notes and updates.

Payment Recorder

ENTERPRISEView™ telecom and wireless expense management software allows Accounts Payable to log and record payment history within a paid invoice. This provides easy viewing of paid invoices and can easily set an Email Alert for outstanding invoices not paid.

Contract Manager

TEM allows users to store contracts, relate them to any services inputted into the TEM, and monitor contract end dates using Email Alerts. Services can be related to contracts and then automatically monitored by set reminders that make contract managing a breeze.

Billing Discrepancy Tracker

This feature allows companies to monitor and manage all billing discrepancies. Each time a billing discrepancy is logged in, the Billing Discrepancy Tracker provides the user with three status choices the carrier is investigating, credit will be applied next invoice, or the credit has been applied.

Discovery Manager

Each time WCS loads an invoice, it is audited to make sure that the company is paying the absolute best market rate for a product and displays them in an easy to read report. From there, Discovery Manager stores these recommendations for the company to review, which can be approved or rejected at any time.

Contact Manager

The Contact Manager stores carrier, VAR, or internal contacts in an easy to view list. Since the TEM is a single shared web-based application, authorized users can access information regarding telecom or wireless contacts directly from the platform.


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EnterpriseView - Telecom expense control software

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