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Long Distance Service

WCS’s Outbound Long Distance Service has low competitive rates for your 1+ dialing in-state, and state-to-state calling. Our International Direct Dial Service provides customers with the network reliability and competitive rates necessary to conduct business successfully in today’s global market.

WCS’s Dedicated Outbound Long Distance Service includes U.S. domestic and international outbound calls placed outside of the local calling area. When a caller dials a “1”, followed by an area code and a seven-digit local telephone number, the “1” tells the local switch that the call is a long distance service call. The switch sends the call to the appropriate carrier, which transports the call to the local carrier determined by the area code, and the local carrier terminates the call to the end-user using the seven digit telephone number.

Switched 1+ & T1 Access

Uses standard business lines or high capacity T1 access to access long distance service networks.


TeleBlock® automatically screens and blocks outbound calls in real time against centrally administered federal, state, third party, and proprietary DNC lists.

Call Centers

Designed for high volume environments such as service bureaus, call centers and large corporate offices.

Key Features and Benefits

WCS monitors its long distance service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide highly reliable long distance service interconnections

  • Highly reliable and cost efficient long distance service network
  • Reach support at a single point of contact
  • Advanced customization of dialing plans, accounting functions, and more
  • International direct connect routes that enables high quality service for your international termination needs
  • WCS's outbound long distance services provide speed-to-market for the long distance services you need and use

Controlling Outbound Long Distance Service Calls

As an experienced administrator, you must maintain strict control over outbound long distance service calls made from your company. This is where WCS can help you control access to your long distance service.

  • Use a 3, 7 or 10 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to confirm authorization that the long distance service call should be routed.
  • Build a multi-carrier diversity strategy using multiple backbones for your calling, but manage it with one WCS account team.
  • Receive unbilled usage activity via the WCS E-Bill web site.
  • Run batch reports and build custom queries to audit all your calls on your WCS invoice with the ABACUS web reporting tool.

Toll-Free Numbers (800 / 888 / 877 / 866 / 855)

Estimates suggest that between 60-65% of all toll-free numbers (800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 collectively) are being actively used. More than 90% of 800-XXX-XXXX numbers are in use.

Responsible Organization or “RespOrg” is the service provider assigned to control and maintain your toll-free number routing. Under FCC regulations, you have the right to appoint an alternative RespOrg provider, who will route your calls to the lowest cost provider while also providing multi-carrier call path diversity. Not only are your calls billed at the lowest price call-by-call, but if a carrier fails, a backup is standing by to take their calls.

Wholesale Carrier Services is a RespOrg for all our toll-free clients and can configure your numbers to efficiently save you money and keep your call center online 24x7x365.

Advanced Features (Over 20 Available)

  • Time of day/ Day of week
  • ACD routing
  • Area code routing
  • Geographic routing

International Access

  • 125 countries
  • Universal free phone
  • Easy to use with built-in security
  • Use anytime 24/7

Interactive Toll

  • Menu routing
  • Zip code routed
  • Messages
  • Database routing
  • Custom call flow

SMS Services

  • Route your toll-free number to multiple providers
  • Secure toll-free numbers

Contact us today to see how we can lower your long distance service rates.


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