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Integrated/Dynamic T-1s

Integrated/Dynamic T-1 access gives you local and long-distance service with a blazing-fast T-1 internet connection. Make unlimited local and long-distance calls within your network  and improve your voice and data network without investing in new hardware.

Integrated/Dynamic T-1s dynamically balance the daily changes in your business traffic needs. Available in over 300 major markets in the US, Integrated/Dynamic T-1 is the product of choice for most business locations.

Integrated/Dynamic T-1s allow users to access both voice and Internet services over the same connection more efficiently than through an Integrated T1 that isn't Dynamic. Also, an Integrated/Dynamic T-1 allows for Internet connection and voice lines to be shared dynamically, on a call-by-call basis.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Voice and Data on one circuit - Voice calls receive priority over data via a managed router (QoS); Data receives additional bandwidth when less voice is utilized, so you get maximum use at all times
  • Widely available in most metro population and suburban markets
  • Virtual DIDs. Get the local numbers you need from across the country or around the world to ring locally on your phone system
  • Toll-Free service available, domestic and international
  • Works with IP-VPN and MPLS

Ultimate Value

The ultimate in flexibility and savings. WCS leverages its decade long leadership in the telecom industry to bring you the lowest rates on your local and long distance calling. Dynamically allocated voice and data circuit brings additional savings in allowing the full utilization of available bandwidth.

 Dynamic T-1 Bandwidth Allocation


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