DIA (Direct Internet Access) - XDSL to 10 Gbps

WCS offers an expanding portfolio of IP-based products and services that enable customers to leverage the Internet and new web-based technologies to enhance their business capabilities. Our multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-enabled OC-48 IP network is expertly engineered and managed to provide industry-leading network reliability and quality.

We offer a variety of bandwidth increments, access methods and billing options that can be customized for solutions to meet customers’ unique needs. With a large U.S. infrastructure and increasing reach to international locations, connectivity to all major Internet providers, and a presence at U.S. peering exchanges, our Dedicated Internet Access consistently delivers the Internet to customers, helping them offer local-to-global connectivity to their end users.

WCS’s IP network successfully blends efficient Tier 1 connectivity, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and MPLS to deliver a superior network solution with quality IP service and security. The engineering and performance strength of our backbone network enables us to provide industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) with credits for network availability, packet loss and latency.

Solid network performance is documented by continuous third-party monitoring by Keynote®, one of the industry’s most highly regarded network performance measurement firms. Our IP backbone excels against the competition in network performance and affordability.

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