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Consolidated Billing

With WCS’s ABACUS Consolidated Billing, you receive a single monthly invoice for all carrier products and services. ABACUS is designed to provide customized billing records and reports that enable you to more effectively manage the invoice payment process across multiple cost centers and multiple accounting codes. ABACUS combined with WCS's Enterprise-View TEM (Telecom Expense Management), provide both Accounting and IT unparalleled control over their telecommunications inventory and assets.

At WCS we understand no two customers' needs are identical, that’s why WCS customizes the output of each client's records in a manner that seamlessly integrates with WCS-Enterprise-View and any customer owned or 3rd party inventory and accounting platforms. Our commitment to quality is augmented by our experienced and knowledgeable technical support staff that understands your business and is dedicated to your success. Ask for a demo today.

Consolidated Billing Invoice Features:

  • Statements display itemized adjustments, credit memos, debit memos, invoices, chargebacks, deposits, receipts and on-account credits.
  • Invoice is generated at the location and cost code level.
  • If you have multiple locations, you can set up consolidated billing at each site.
  • Consolidated Billing Invoice also has details for receipts in summarized form.
  • Customer qualified consolidated billing invoices are selected by the cutoff date and payment terms.

The ABACUS (Accounting, Billing and Carrier Utilization System) billing system is a powerful web-based solution for automated billing, provisioning, and customer service.

Included System Features:

  • Seamless integration into WCS Enterprise-View
  • Fully web-based and/or paper-based billing platform
  • Provisioning to all original RBOCs and all major Long Distance carriers
  • Online and email bill presentation
  • Online customer care
  • Comprehensive reporting, including 120 standard reports
  • Order entry tracking tools
  • Back Office and OSS support for international currencies and multiple languages
  • Connection to Vo-IP gateways
  • Customized Reporting

ABACUS supports all WCS-billed products including local exchange, long distance, data, internet conferencing and enhanced voice services. Requiring only a web-based browser, ABACUS allows for simple, easy to navigate bill management with no additional software or training required to manipulate and evaluate call/circuit/service data.
The system consists of three different web interfaces for corporate multi-location business. Your employees will have access to whatever parts of your data you wish them to have.  Customers are better served with the ability to see all the information desired by location or on a global account basis. You can self-manage account functions and manage cost/expense data at any level desired.
ABACUS is designed in a manner that promotes customer-specific invoice customization and can be designed for each WCS customer to meet even the most demanding company’s specific needs.



Read the brochure:   WCS Telecom Consolidated Billing PDF


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