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Case Studies: Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM)

One Bill, One Single Point of Contact


WCS consolidated a 1,200 location POTS, DSL customer to reduce costs and improve the process of managing their bills and MACDs.


Customer had multiple ILRC and CLEC Local Service Providers which delivered fragmented response and service levels, not  just inter-telco, but intra-telco as well. Accounting and Telecom struggled each month to audit and properly account for the spend of each location and region, which required significant resources to review. The company's help desk resources also struggled to provide precise status updates and reports on trouble tickets, MACD, truck rolls, and equipment coordination due to varying telephone company processes.


WCS consolidated all of the company's local dial-tone into one platform in all ILEC/CLEC markets, and accepted billing responsibility for those in independent territories. The customer was given an all-in rate for local service and DSL to eliminate fluctuating bills. All Network, including the equipment, was loaded into WCS's EnterpriseView to enable IT to see and manage all MACSs. Trouble Tickets and invoices were made accessible over a single portal which is supported by a dedicated account team that was designed around accommodating for the customer's best practices.


The customer reduced their prior telecom spend, eliminated finance auditing, and received one bill formatted exactly to their specifications, which allows for upload directly into their accounting systems. The customer's help desk productivity drastically improved, freeing previously wasted company resources to be reallocated to more mission critical technology tasks. 


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