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Ancillary Fees/Administrative Charges
Ancillary Fees / Administrative Charges

1.    Installation Charges: Installation charges apply when WCS provides new or additional WCS Service. The installation fee is determined on an individual case basis, based on location, underlying supplier backbone and scope of work (“SoW”) of the installation
2.    Expedite Charges: Expedite charges apply when Customer requests installation of Service in less time than is otherwise established by WCS published intervals.
                                                                        POTS/Analog/xDSL   DS1     DS3 or higher
Per Circuit                                                       $150                            $1200              $1500
3.    Change of Service Date: These charges apply when a customer asks to have the due date changed to a subsequent or earlier date (not resulting in an expedite) than had originally been requested. The new date must be within thirty (30) days of the previously requested date. If the new requested date is not within thirty (30) days of the previously requested date, or is unknown, the service affected thereby will be deemed canceled by the Customer and subject to cancellation charges. In no event will WCS be obligated to accept more than three (3) changes to the originally requested service date. As of the fourth (4) requests to change the service date, the service in question will be deemed canceled by the customer and cancellation charges will apply.
                                                                                                            DS1     DS3 or higher
Change of Service Due Date - all orders except disconnects                       $50      $75
Change of Service Due Date – disconnects                                      $25      $25
4.    Change of Order Charges: Change of Order Charges apply when the Customer requests a modification to the information contained in a fully executed or binding Service Order prior to completion of the installation of the circuit other than a change in the Requested Service Date.
                                                                                                            DS1     DS3 or higher
Change of Service Order – Pre Engineering                                     $150    $250
Change of Service Order – Post Engineering                                    $250    $500
5.    Change of Service Charges: Change of Service charges apply when Customer requests any type of modification to a circuit after it has completed installation. Any additional carrier charges or third party charges that may be incurred by WCS as a result of the requested change will be passed on to the Customer.
                                                                                                            DS1     DS3 or higher
Reconfiguration Fee
            Port or PVC                                                                            $250    $500
            Trunk Group                                                                           $250    $500
            COS – add or change                                                             $50      $50
Any other subsequent change after installation                                  $150    $500
6.    Inside Wiring / Extended Demarcation Charges: Standard and reasonable Inside Wiring / Extended wiring is included in all WCS Services professional installation non-recurring charges. WCS or its contractors will provide up to two (2) hours of on-site  installation services to establish connectivity of the WCS services as follows:
-      Copper, two or four wire twisted pair installation from the Network Interface Device (“NID”) or building minimum point of entry (“MPOE”) to the desired customer termination location listed on the Service Order.  Distance shall not exceed fifty (50) linear feet) or thirty (30) minutes of technician time.  

-      Locate and tag the WCS Service on the Customer NID or MPOE
-      RJ11 or RJ45 jack termination wiring to support WCS service and WCS supplied-CPE from existing copper facilities in place
-      Cross connection, end-to-end connectivity testing from the NID to the Customer termination jack or to MPOE
-      WCS Service testing during test and turn-up process on initial site visit
For any networkWCS Business Line, xDSL, Dedicated Voice Services or Dedicated Internet Access (“DIA”) or third party-provided services that exceed the above delivery specifications, WCS will charge standard rates for billable Inside Wiring / Extended Demarcation Services.  WCS will not perform billable Inside Wiring / Extended Demarcation Services without gaining the Customer’s verbal agreement. WCS will document the customer’s authorization in the appropriate order work log which will be made available upon request to Customer.
7.   Extensive Inside Wiring Policy 

Depending on the extent of inside wiring required, WCS may not be able to complete the inside wiring. The Customer is responsible for completing the wiring with its own third party contractors or WCS will make a third party contractor available. If the initial WCS technician determines that extensive inside wiring is required, the WCS technician will confirm successful service activation at the NID or MPOE. The technician will leave the configured CPE, if applicable, with the Customer, and WCS will close the order.
If WCS agrees to do the billable inside wiring, WCS will schedule such inside wiring as close as possible to the installation services date, and WCS will charge the Customer additional fees for such inside wiring work. Please see WCS Dispatch Services Schedule for further details. WCS reserves the right to refuse to do any extensive inside wiring work requested. If the order is canceled due to extensive inside wiring, WCS will assess standard cancellation and disconnect charges as specified herein.
Extensive inside wiring includes, but is not limited to:
-        Tracing and testing existing wire through multiple units, multiple stories, or multiple telephone closets in a high-rise building or business park
-        Other complex wiring situations where physical laying of cable or wiring is required
-      Boring or wall penetration
-      New wiring due to service location greater than fifty (50) feet from the NID or MPOE
-      Wiring from the NID or MPOE to a desired location
-      Moving an existing jack to another location
7.    Move Charges: Move charges apply when Customer moves to a new address. A new address includes a move within the same building, but to a different suite.
                                                                                                DS1                 DS3 or higher
Per Circuit                                                                                           $1,200             $1,500
8.    Cancellation Charges: Cancellation Charges apply for all orders cancelled prior to installation. The Cancellation fee is determined by how far into the process the implementation has progressed. Cancellation charges are applied per circuit.
                                                                                                            DS1     DS3 or higher
Cancellation prior to receipt of FOC                                                   $200    $500
Cancellation after receipt of FOC (prior to install)                              $500    $1000
Cancellation after FOC met and access delivered                            ETP     ETP
Cancellation of any Add or Change order                                          $75      $100
Cancellation of Disconnect order                                                       $25      $25
9.    Reconnect Charges – Reconnect Charges apply when WCS disconnects a customer for non-payment of their bill.          
                                                                                                All Bandwidth Switched
Per circuit                                                                                            $250
Per account (switched)                                                                                               $  50   

10.  Trouble Management Charges: Trouble Management Charges apply when charges are incurred that are non-WCS issues. In addition to below charges, the Customer is required to reimburse WCS for any third party charges relating to customer’s service that is a non-WCS related issue.
                                                                                                                        All Bandwidth
Non-WCS related issue following clean test notification                                $ 75.00/hour
LEC or Vendor dispatch (business day) – non WCS issue                            $150.00/hour
LEC or Vendor dispatch (non-business day) – non WCS issue                     $250.00/hour



11.  Disconnection Charges  

All WCS and WCS subsidiaries (Digizip, USADatanet and Deposition Conferencing clients) end user Customers with month-to-month, analog Business Line (a.k.a. POTS) contracts can find disconnection and other related ancillary fees on the WCS web site at

All other Services, unless specifically contracted at different terms and conditions within the executed Customer Network Services Agreement (NSA), Signature Acknowledgement Agreement (SAA) or WCS subsidiary Services documents, shall require thirty (30) calendar day advance written notice for the disconnection of any Service.   Service charges will stop thirty (30) calendar days from WCS’ receipt of written request from Customer’s authorized point of contact to disconnect such Service.  


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