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WCS On-Line Business Practices
To promote customer trust and confidence, many companies (including WCS) utilize the Better Business Bureau's guidelines for sound online advertising and selling practices. Participants to the BBB Online Reliability program must agree to follow the guidelines and to dispute resolution for unresolved disputes involving products or services advertised or purchased online. Participation in the program allows companies to demonstrate to the public their commitment to the Code's good business practices by displaying the Reliability Seal. The code makes a significant contribution toward effective self-regulation in the public interest.
The five principles upon which the code is based are:
1. Truthful and Accurate Communications Online advertisers should not engage in deceptive or misleading practices with regard to any aspect of electronic commerce, including advertising, marketing, or in their use of technology.
2. Disclosure Online merchants should disclose to their customers and prospective customers information about the business, the goods or services available for purchase online, and the transaction itself.
3. Information Practices and Security Online advertisers should adopt information practices that treat their customer' personal information with care. They should post and adhere to a privacy policy based on fair information principles, take appropriate measures to provide adequate security, and respect customers' preferences regarding unsolicited email.
4. Customer Satisfaction Online merchants should seek to ensure their customer are satisfied by honoring their representatives, answering questions, and resolving customer complaints and disputes in a timely and responsive manner.
5. Protecting Children If online advertisers target children under the age of 13, they should take special care to protect them by recognizing children's developing cognitive abilities.

To qualify for, and maintain membership in the Better Business Bureau a firm must:

  • Be in business not less than one year unless the firm meets all other standards of Bureau membership and the principals are favorably known to the Bureau from other business(es) in which they are/have been involved; or
  • Supply background information about company principals or other information deemed essential to the Bureau's responsibility to provide inquirers with factual reports which bear on the reliability of businesses.
  • Be currently licensed as required by local, state or federal municipalities.
  • Cooperate with the Bureau's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation.
  • Promptly respond to any and all complaints forwarded by the Bureau, and to report in writing disposition of those complaints to the Bureau within 20 calendar days of the mailing of the complaint by the Bureau, and to comply with the terms of any and all arbitration awards issued through the Bureau's Arbitration Program.
  • To make serious efforts to eliminate the underlying cause of any patterns or trends of customer complaints which the Bureau may call to the member's attention.
  • Supply upon request the evidence upon which any advertising or selling claim is based.
  • Adhere to established Better Business Bureau standards of advertising and selling practices.
  • To cooperate with the Bureau in related matters.


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