MPLS supports multiple communication protocols. Essentially, MPLS is a traffic management technique that allows users to prioritize network applications such as voice, data and video to ensure reliable and high-quality transmissions utilizing Internet Protocol (IP). Additionally, MPLS provides customers an all-IP infrastructure (securely separated from public internet traffic) providing direct, fully meshed connectivity to their disparate geographic locations, a wide range of access speeds, reduced networking costs, and the capability to expand as their businesses change and grow.

MPLS works by tagging IP packets with "labels" that specify a route and priority. It combines the scalability and flexibility of routing, with the performance and traffic management of layer 2 switching. MPLS supports the same QoS capabilities as IP. This is just one of the reasons companies leverage MPLS. Others include reducing costs, improving QoS, facilitating any-to-any communications, and converging several legacy (FR, ATM, IPSEC) and next-generation services.

Most analysts agree that IP VPNs using MPLS will be the predominate service in the market for the next ten years. The growing demands of enterprises needing to reduce costs, expand their footprint and ensure security, makes MPLS a prime candidate.

MPLS provides an economical and flexible alternative to private line connectivity or site-to-site tunnels. In addition, MPLS is easier to manage and maintain.

WCS offers MPLS service on the following network providers:

  • ATT
  • Qwest
  • MCI (Verizon Business)
  • Embarq
  • Global Crossing
  • Paetec
  • XO
  • Regionalized ILEC, CLEC, and Cable Company (MSO’s)
  • TelMex
MPLS Communication Protocols
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