May 1, 2015: Implementation of New Local Services Regulatory Surcharge Policy
Dear Valued Customer,

WCS has charged End User Common Line (EUCL) Charges, Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charges (PICC) and Local Number Portability (LNP) regulatory charges on it's legacy local dial tone products including Business Line and Primary Rate Interface (PRI). These charges have been billed based on underlying carrier pricing charged to WCS. As a result of recent changes in the billing practices from our carriers, WCS is implementing a consistent, national pricing schedule for these charges as follows:

Analog POTS : (1) EUCL, (1) LNP, (1) PICC
T1 PRI / DYIA : (5) EUCL, (5) LNP, (5) PICC

Pursuant to your WCS Network Services agreement (NSA) or Signature Acknowledgement Agreement (SAA), this message serves as written advance notice of the regulatory pricing change effective May 1, 2015, which appear on your next billing statement (June 1st , 2015).

To avoid paying these regulatory charges, WCS offers network WCS Business Line and PRI replacement as a functionally equivalent service which is free of these surcharges. Please speak with your assigned WCS customer advocate to learn more about network WCS savings opportunities.


WCS Billing Operations